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Mortgage lending has long been a lucrative and rewarding investment vehicle. In recent years, the overall economic situation has made it much more difficult and, in some cases, no longer prudent to make high yield loans to residential owner-occupants.

With the residential market effectively eliminated, the savvy investor’s best option has become first mortgage commercial loans. Unfortunately, the capital requirements for a commercial project are substantially greater than for a home. The minimum loan size quickly becomes out of reach for the individual investor.

Pacific Horizon Financial has solved that dilemma by creating Pacific Mortgage Investors I, LLC. The result is a professionally managed collection of first mortgages that allow individual investors to benefit from strength in numbers and dollars. The result is a degree of safety unmatched in the commercial mortgage industry. Bottom Line: Our fund allows for maximum yield returns while enjoying minimum and well calculated risk factors.

Pacific Horizon strives to provide a sound, conservative investment strategy that typically outperforms mutual funds, money markets, and CD’s.








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