About Pacific Horizon Financial


Pacific Horizon Financial, Inc. has offered attractive loan opportunities to both qualified borrowers and investors since 1989. Based in beautiful San Diego, CA, the company owes much of its success to a veteran, hands-on management team that follows the business model of investing in mortgages on commercial property.

“Home of the Safety Firsts” is more than a motto to Pacific Horizon; it is a promise to provide our investors with the highest yield we can safely obtain. Too many investors think that mortgages are like T-Bills and that a 12% loan is better than a 9% loan. Of course, that’s only true if the higher yield is actually achieved. What really counts is the long term performance of an Investor’s portfolio. In 2003, Pacific Horizon structured its first Mortgage Fund with its compensation based partially on performance.

In 2014, Pacific Horizon has established a new Program based solely on performance! To truly put itself on the same side of the table as its Investors, PHF does not take its compensation up front like most brokers; it puts its fees into the pot and gets paid a percentage of the yield alongside its Investors. If an investment does not perform, PHF does not commonly get paid! This mechanism aligns Pacific Horizon with its Investors and dictates that no investment gets made that can’t be collected!


Pacific Horizon Financial is a proud member of the California Mortgage Association.

CMA is the largest independent professional organization providing education and legislative advocacy to lenders engaged in making real estate loans with “private money” funds. The California Mortgage Association provides some of the most comprehensive educational seminars available in the mortgage lending field.


Pacific Horizon Financial is a proud member of the Pacific West Association of REALTORS®.

With more than 10,000 members, the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® is the                       largest trade association in the county.

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