Pacific Horizon Financial Investment Opportunities



Pacific Horizon Financial offers a variety of opportunities for investors and borrowers


Investment Opportunities

Large Investors ($100,000 and up) may purchase all of part of various 1st Trust Deeds managed by Pacific Horizon Financial. These opportunities are well suited for those that want control of their investment and the ability to choose parameters such as term or collateral type. Although our focus is lending, we often are privy to situations where equity is a better answer. Be sure to inform us if equity interests you.



The Fund

Our professionally managed fund suits investors who are looking for alternatives to the stock market and/or significantly higher yields than CD’s. The Fund is perfect for self directed IRA’s or other types of pension plans. The Fund’s philosophy is that of “turtle investing” – you win the race by slow and steady investing. Good yields and no losses produce more in the long run. PHF prides itself in being one of the only sponsors who is compensated on yield split versus amount under management. We put our money where our mouth is!




Pacific Horizon Financial is always looking for good loans. Our preferences change over time, but the basics are good character and good collateral. In 2014 our lending preferences are: 1) Residential Flippers; 2) Commercial Income Property, 3) Distress Opportunities with possible equity sharing; 4) New Construction.




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